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Tickets for family and friends of your program

Tickets purchased the day of the event will be sold for the following prices at the south end of the stadium.

  • Adult tickets are TBA

  • Senior citizens age 65 and above are TBA

  • Students and military members with ID are TBA

  • Children age 6 and under are free

  • Middle school feeder programs of attending schools are $8. These must be ordered through the middle school director as a group.  Chaperone tickets will also be $8 and available on a 1 per 10 ratio.

Arrival - [ Click Here for Director Map ]



Gates to the parking lot will be open no later than TBA.  Gates to the stadium for spectators will be open by approximately TBA.


Upon arrival you will be greeted by a parking attendant that will direct your buses and vehicles to your designated parking area and assist you in any way they can.


Student performers, staff members and chaperones for each group will need a wristband for entry into the stadium as a spectator. Each student performer will be given a wristband or stamp.  The number of staff wristbands will be determined by the number of staff listed in program information, up to a maximum of 12. Bands will also receive 1 per 10 students for your chaperones. Additional wristbands can be purchased at the ticket booth at the south end. Please ensure that all staff and chaperones receive these wristbands.  All those without wristbands will be required to purchase a ticket for entry.

Note:  you may have as many adults help with field entrance and set up as needed.  But you will be limited in the number of wristbands you receive for "free" entrance into the stadium for viewing.


Spectator Parking

Parking for spectators is free of charge.  Spectator parking will be on the south side of the stadium.

Buses and Equipment Vehicles

Please use the entrance on the southwest corner of the parking lot to enter with your vehicles.  You will ace=cess this area from Wellesley Ave.  DO NOT enter from the north side of the stadium.


Concessions will be available on the south end of the stadium.  Beverage and snack items will be served all day.  Hot food will be during the traditional lunch and dinner hours.


Warm up areas for your group will be located in the southern-most area of the parking lot, adjacent to Wellesley Ave.  Many of you will choose to begin warm up, stretching, etc.  prior to your designated time.  This will be allowed provided it does not infringe on others such as spectator parking, bands performing in the stadium, groups warming up in their designated areas and times, outside businesses and residents, etc.  Those groups infringing on others will be asked to discontinue the activity.  In general, PLEASE BE COURTEOUS to others and be willing to cease the disruptive activity if asked to do so.  Risk of penalty does exist for violation.


Pit and Props Entrance

Your pit and props will enter via the northwest ramp (front sideline, side 1) of the stadium.  If you have props that are taken by band and color guard members, those props may enter with those students down the northeast ramp.  Please report at the time listed on the schedule.  A field guide will assist you through this process.

Band and Color Guard Entrance

Band and color guard students will enter the field via the northeast ramp (back sideline, side 1).  Please report to the bottom of the ramp at the times listed on the schedule.

Pit Vehicles

Pit vehicles will be allowed to assist in getting your pit equipment up and down the ramp and in the parking areas only.  These vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to enter onto the turf in any way!  


All members of your ensemble and field helpers will exit using the northwest ramp (front sideline, side 1).


You will be allowed to have as many field helpers as you need.  However, please understand that there will be a limited number of staff and chaperone/helper passes for admittance into the seating area.


There will be an area designated for pit storage.  Many of you will choose to take keyboard instruments up the ramp for finals warm up.  Fee free to store non-needed items in the designated pit storage area.


Power will be available at field level near the 50 yard line, both front and back sidelines.  Please bring extension cords to reach the power provided.


For your convenience, our volunteers will collect trash after the show.  Please leave trash in closed bags along the paved drive west of the parking area.


This show does not offer group photographs.


All bands will be adjudicated using the following categories:

  • General Effect (40%) - General Effect Music and General Effect Visual

  • Music Performance (30%) - Music Ensemble, Music Individual, Perucssion

  • Visual Performance (30%) - Visual Ensemble, Visual Individual, Color Guard

Sheets used for scoring - (Click for PDF)

GE Visual - Visual Ensemble - Visual Individual - Color Guard  

GE Music - Music Ensemble - Music Individual - Percussion


Order of performance for preliminary round will be decided using the following factors:

  • Previous year's champion will perform last.

  • Bands will be grouped and perform within the assigned division.

    • Division Placement - Placement of bands within a division will be determined based on number of performing members.

  • Selection for performance order within divisions will be drawn at random by show coordinators.

  • Divisions will alternate as the first to perform.  The divsion containing the previous year's champion will be placed last in the prelims schedule.


The following caption and placement awards will be granted for highest score in each division of the preliminary round:

  • Caption Awards - General Effect (GE Mus + GE Vis),  Music (Mus Ens + Mus Ind), Visual (Vis Ens + Vis Ind), Color Guard Performance, Percussion Performance

  • Division placement - top three in each division for overall score within a division.


Prelims awards and finals schedule will be announced at the drum major only retreat. Please see the schedule for drum major report times.


The finals round will be scored and considered independent of the scores that were achieved during the preliminary round.

All bands will perform in finals and will be scored as one division; there will be no consideration for classification.

Order of performance in finals will be in reverse order of total score during the preliminary round.

The following caption and placement awards will be presented during finals based on the highest score achieved during the finals competition only.  There are no classification/division awards during the finals contest.

  • Best Drum Major(s) - to be selected by judges

  • Caption Awards - General Effect (GE Mus + GE Vis),  Music (Mus Ens + Mus Ind), Visual (Vis Ens + Vis Ind), Color Guard Performance, Percussion Performance

  • Placement awards for the top 3 scoring bands


Finals will be drum major retreat only!


An online cloud system will be used for accessing judges commentary.  This could be Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.  Please be ready to check your emails for links to these files.


Scores will be tabulated by several individuals and systems for checks and balances.